Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bad Mother by Ayelet Waldman - some quick thoughts

I've been thinking almost obsessively about motherhood lately, mostly because I'm about to launch the last of my children into the world while trying to take care of an aging mother. It hasn't been an easy year, feeling pulled in so many directions, trying to "take care" of so many -even with a spouse's help. It is, however, the kind of year that made me think about the stages of mothering, from infancy to taking care of my OWN mother. It has been the kind of year that made it impossible to resist reading Waldman's latest book, Bad Mother. While many parts of this book gave me pause and made me wonder if I'd handle situations (abortion, parenting) as Waldman did, I found the book thoroughly engaging...if not always an easy, breezy read.

Check out the book on Amazon or elsewhere and read the varied reader responses and see what you think about one woman's honest portrayal of motherhood and the various struggles she has faced.

WARNING: subjects like abortion and other topics are described openly so those who are anti-abortion should be aware of this. Waldman is also open about bipolar illness (which tends to run in her family). While I didn't always agree with her parenting stances, I couldn't put the book down.

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