Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Associated Content Gets #6 Million in Funding and Offers Writers a Place to Earn Money for Their Writing

I was thrilled to learn that Associated Content had gotten 6 million dollars in funding (you can see more about that by CLICKING HERE FOR ASSOCIATED CONTENT BLOG AND INFO

Associated Content offers writers opportunities to write about diverse topics, report news in their communities and across the country (even across the world) and earn money at the same time - all while working from home, if desired. Why not check out the site yourself at CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ASSOCIATED CONTENT SITE

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vote for your favorite book cover with the Covey Awards

Check out this site: Covey Awards, CLICK HERE and have fun voting for your favorite. Aaron Paul Lazar, author of Tremolo, alerted me to this special book award - and authors know how important a cover can be when it comes to making a good first impression, enticing readers to pick up a book, browse and (hopefully) buy it.