Thursday, March 20, 2008

Interviews and Networking Info for Writers - Jane

I had some interviews come up lately so I'm providing info here for those interested in
promoting themselves. Here are some examples and tips for self-promotion follow:

How can you use this info to promote yourself:

1. Diversify. Don't discount the advantages of any site that contains material relating to your work. Book sites bring authors and readers together. If you are an aspiring writer or working on a book, read and review other books. You'll get the attention of readers as well as appreciative authors. Just write honest reviews. Those who don't will stand out like a sore thumb and won't gain points for that.

2. Network, chat, offer helpful advice.

3. Plug yourself in ways that also help others. Yes, this is a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" mentality but it also is effective. If you truly like and praise the work of writers and others, the favor may well be returned.

4. Experiment. Sometimes the most unlikely resources turn out to be winners. Reviewing books earned me a blurb and recognition on the cover of a book. Networking on another site for the fun of it boosted page views on a site that pays me. Try to find your niche and related resources and sites.

Here's to getting noticed this year!


the aphasia decoder.... said...

You are a wealth of knowledge and are so nice to share it.

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Mommy2Lots said...

Great tip. I have a book, but I never thought of promoting it in this way. Thanks for the idea. :-)