Thursday, January 3, 2008

A heads up to all Readers and Writers and Cancer Survivors.

I urge you to go to and read about this talented author. On January 29th, there will be a special mention of the author, a woman who has an aggressive form of cancer. You can read about her ups and downs on her Blog.

I want to note that I generally don't mention causes like this because...well, there are so many and I don't have the time. But this particular author has worked aggressive on her book and now is in the predicament of trying to promote it while ill. I can relate to that even though I haven't been in that position. Imagine throwing all your energy and time into your work and then not being able to make the most of those vital few weeks of promotion, the "make it or break it" period for most books.

I'm buying a copy of the book. I can't honestly say whether it is "excellent", "good" or whatever. But Dutton is a reputable publishing house and I enjoy many of the books published by them. I urge you to check out the author's blog, consider buying the book and doing YOUR part to help promote it. At times like these, I think it is good to think about how we'd want to be treated if faced with a similar situation. That is all I have to say about that but do urge you to think about this.


Betty said...

Thanks for this timely review. This book sounds intriguing and I wish all the best to the author.

I like books of strong people who overcome their personal tragedies to try to help others. I'll definitely check this book out with an eye to buying it.

An interesting, helpful blog. Keep them coming.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I've read and adored Patry's book and highly recommend it!