Sunday, July 15, 2007

First post - Yay! - Book and life

I read quite a bit and also have a busy life. So, I decided to combine the two after reading the latest book, Tales from the Scale, which was an inspiring and honest compilation of weight loss stories, battles with body image and every variation of issues that women face when it comes to weight (I'm sure you can fill in the blanks on THAT topic, especially if you are female).

At the back of the book was a list of websites for the women who'd contributed to the book. All were fascinating and that was when I realized the value of keeping track of not only my life but WHAT I read and how I feel about it. I hope you relate.

I'm a top reviewer at and also Ebay. I used to be an avid Ebayer. Before that, I was a freelance writer and actually had an article published in Weight Watcher's magazine, even though my weight was WAY over any acceptable standards for that publication. The article was on exercise-induced asthma. I worked my way up to a nice career as a writer, primarily for local and national publications.

Then we decided to adopt a 5 year old child from Romania (long story). That was when I knew I would have to make some serious choices, because he was going to require total commitment and energy, including physical therapy, for at least 1 year - no day care, very little outside help. I would have to focus intensively on helping him make up for developmental issues, including the fact that he wasn't on the growth charts, was at the level of a 3 year old emotionally and physically, etc. Yes, it was a major commitment but it turned out to be one I've never regretted. There was a window of time open when this could happen and we took it. They closed down ALL adoptions in Romania only 10 days after he came home to us and, as far as I know, they are still closed.

We have two other children, both adults (more about them later). My husband teaches at a local university and I struggle with trying to keep up with a teenager, a large house and some semblance of exercise and eating right. Weight loss is my largest challenge right now, next to transitioning my son into high school. We also have one deaf white cat. Fur is an issue but we love her. She is as mellow as they come.

So there you have it, a basic intro. Hope you enjoy the Blog!

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Rebecca said...

How fascinating and welcome to blogging! Looking forward to reading more. :)